Are you looking for a fun and easy way to raise funds for yourself or your chapter? The NSBE Store has fundraising opportunities catered to you.

Here is how it works

Ambassador Program 

As an ambassador, a chapter will be issued a unique ambassador code. Their members will use that code when placing orders online. The code will serve two purposes.   1) It serves as a coupon code.    When entered at checkout, 10% will be taken off of the retail price of the order. 2) 10% of the retail price will be rebated back to the chapter.   

This is a quick and easy fundraiser.  Chapters will receive a statement and payout on Fridays.  Payouts will be made via PayPal or Cashapp.  If chapters do not have electronic payment options then a check can be sent.

Chapter Fundraising 

Chapters can also sign up to sell items on their campus.  Items from the NSBE Store and our NerdSwag line will be shipped.  The ambassadors will receive $5 from the sale of each item.  Here is how you can sign up.  Send an email to and request information on a chapter fundraising. Once confirmed, the NSBE Store will ship you a box of items. You will receive a unique login to our app to make your sales.   The Ambassadors will sell the items over two weeks then use the return label to ship the remaining items back.

Ambassadors will be paid on Friday for the value of the items sold.  


Note: If your chapter is not signed up to be an ambassador, you can sign up to become a brand ambassador.  Send an email to for more information.